Bhor - The Awakening

Bhor – The awakening

Why awakening

We all are gifted with the most sophisticated gadget on this planet i.e. our own body but unfortunately this gadget does not come with a user’s manual. Like any gadget, until we read the user’s manual, we don’t know how to completely utilize that. We all have certain aspirations, some dreams and a lot of expectations from life but how do we achieve them?

Everyone wants to be Healthy, wealthy and successful in their own ways but, how do we get there?


Arise, awake, find out the great ones and learn of them; for sharp as a razor's edge, hard to traverse, difficult of going is that path, say the sages.

What we’ll cover?

We will be addressing the issues that refrain us from reaching our potential live life on our own terms and conditions rather than depending on others. Some of the key issues are:

  • 1. Who am I? the greater purpose
  • 2. Overcoming Fear
  • 3. Decision Making
  • 4. Relationships
  • 5. Making of a productive mind
  • 6. Pleasure/ Joy

We’ll be addressing personal issues as well through one to one session.

How will this happen?

Through online sessions every Saturday between 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM starting 6 June 2020’ till 27 June 2020’. Total 4 sessions.

How to register?

Please register here

Program Fee?

INR 5000 + 18% GST per participant. Payment link

Is the no of participants restricted?

Yes, we won’t take more than 50 participants for this course.

You can WhatsApp at 9819888048 for more information or visit

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