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भोर (Bhor) is An initiative to reduce chaos, bring clarity, and increase mental fitness in a tough time; where two authors and mental health advocates are collaborating to help people at large.

Vivek Sharma - Social Entrepreneur, Author – God Is Not Fair?, IIM Calcutta Alumnus
Daya Shankar Mishra - Senior Journalist, Life Orator, Author – Jeevan Samvad, Ex NDTV, presently Editor at Network18

You can join the discussion live and ask your questions pertaining to the topics listed below.
Time: 8.30 pm – 9.00 pm live, 27 April to 3 May 2020’, every day.

To get your query included in the session, please ask your questions live or share your questions on WhatsApp no 9819888048 by 6 pm every day.

Following are the tentative topics to be covered under this discussion series:

  • 1. Ghar se kaam, ghar ka kaam aur Tanaav... (View it online)
  • 2. Impact of lockdown on children and elderly. (View it online)
  • 3. Man Chanchal, Kaise kare pahal? How to ask for a help/ managing ego... (View it online)
  • 4. Jiyein to jiyein kaise? Reorganizing thoughts and life after lockdown... (View it online)
  • 5. Paise nahi to kaise?? Managing finances better for future 6. Health, wealth aur Man ki shanti... (View it online)
  • 7. Sab saath saath hain? – How to leverage the power of togetherness... (View it online)

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